A Russian crime group obtained over 1.2 billion username and password cominbations and 500 million email addresses in the largest data breach ever reported.  Hold Security, based in Milwakee, Wisconsin, discovered the data breach.  The New York Times and other media outlets have since confirmed the breach.  The hackers amassed information from both U.S. companies and individuals.

While it may take a significant period of time to notify those individuals affected (if notification is even required for the types of internet sites and in the jurisdictions affected), it is advisable to go ahead and change your internet passwords.   Also, vary the passwords that you utlize for different websites so that a hacker could not obtain your Facebook password and use it to access your brokerage accounts, for example.

If you believe your company may have been affected by the data breach, please give our team a call. We can guide you through the notification process and can help in the recovery effort (as well as any resulting litigation).


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